The GII $200,000 La Primera Del Año Derby

Ladies first.

The fillies headline the night at Los Alamitos Race Course with the running of the GII $200,000 La Primera Del Año Derby at the distance of 400 yards. The boys will run in the El Primero Del Año Derby tomorrow night.

The 9-horse field is led by the fastest qualifier, Revv Me up. She comes into this race off of just breaking her maiden in the trials three weeks ago in a very good looking win. She qualified to two futurities last year as a two-year-old and seems to have taking a liking to this 400 yard distance. Although she was a maiden all through 2012, she did face talented runners like One Dashing Eagle, Mr Ease Cartel, Nellie Delaney, Required Fire, Blackberry Czech and others.

It's good to see jockeys Carlos Huerta (Race 4) and Jay Conklin (Race 7) back in the saddle tonight.

Let's get to the selections.

Race 1:  1-2-3
Race 2:  2-8-3
Race 3:  1-2-6
Race 4:  2-1-5
Race 5:  2-3-5
Race 6:  4-1-3
Race 7:  6-4-2
Race 8:  5-4-6
Race 9:  2-9-3

Race 1-$1 Early Pick Four ($36):  1,2,3,5 / 2,3,8 / 1,2,6 / 2

Race 6-$1 Late Pick Four ($24):  4 / 1,2,4,6 / 4,5 / 2,3,9

Let's get it!
I watch horses run around.

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  1. Michael CusortelliApril 22, 2013 at 2:36 PM

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  2. Thanks Michael!

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