Trials to the El Primero Del Año Derby

Freedom Choice in the 2012 Los Alamitos Two Million

Before we get to the selections for tonight's card at Los Alamitos, I want to say that our first stop of the America's Best Racing ABRV Tour at SXSW in Austin Texas was a very good experience. Catch up on all things ABRV at FollowHorseRacing.com

Tonight's card at Los Alamitos features trials to the $205,900 El Primero
Del Ano Derby. A total of 24 horses in four trials (Races 6-9) will sprint 400yards in search of being one of the ten fastest qualifiers that will return to run in the final on Sunday April 7.

The trials will feature Freedom Choice who posted the fastest qualifying time to last year's Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity. Other runners that will catch some attention are Mr. Ease Cartel, Perrys Affair, Sugarbear Sax Man and A Regal Hawk.

The four trials make up the late pick four. Let's get to the selections.

Race 1:  2-6-1
Race 2:  6-3-1
Race 3:  5-6-2
Race 4:  5-3-7
Race 5:  1-2-4
Race 6:  1-3-5
Race 7:  6-5-3
Race 8:  3-5-2
Race 9:  1-3-4

My Plays:

Race 1 - $1 Early Pick Four ($18):  1,2,6 / 6 / 2,5,6 / 3,5

Race 2 -  $1 Late Pick Four ($24):  1,3,5 / 5,6 / 2,3,5,6 / 1

Time to Ca$h!

I watch horses run around.

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