Breeders' Cup Friday at Santa Anita Park

Time flies when you are having fun and are busy all the time. That would be me. The Breeders' Cup World Championships are finally here and the amount of buzz that has been spreading through twitter is amazing. Instant updates from the media, fans, trainers, insiders and plenty of other people this past week has flooded my twitter feed with information on the participants who are set to highlight the Breeders' Cup. Horses and Jockeys from all over the world have traveled to beautiful Santa Anita Park in Arcadia to compete in what should be another outstanding two days of racing. The venue is set. The weather is perfect. I am ready. Are you ready?

My Pick 5 & Breeders' Cup Late Pick 4 tickets are listed below. My entire 1-2-3 selections for each race on the card can be found on the consensus at theracingedition.com

Fifty Cent Pick 5:

Race 1:  3,9
Race 2:  5,7,9
Race 3:  1,2,4,5
Race 4:  5   *Late Scratch of #5 @ about 9:30AM* Now using #7 Sweet Shirley Mae
Race 5:  1,11

Ticket Investment: $24

Breeders' Cup Fifty Cent Late Pick 4:

Race 6:  3,5,6,13
Race 7:  1,2
Race 8:  4,6,8,9,10,12
Race 9:  5

Ticket Investment: $24

With big pools expected as always, the majority of my bankroll will go to boxing exactas, daily doubles, rolling pick 3's, trifectas and superfectas. There is plenty of money to be made.

Good Luck!

I watch horses run around.

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