Allowance to end the Week

Hola amigos,

No weiner dogs, no stakes, no trials, just a 300 yard allowance to end the week of racing on this Sunday card at Los Alamitos. In the racing world we have the Del Mar and Saratoga meets opening up this coming week and that should start a great summer season of racing that will lead us to the Breeders Cup at Santa Anita. The weekends ahead in the Los Alamitos racing calendar are filled with great cards and great racing but today we have three thoroughbred races and six quarter horse races in a nine-race card filled with hard-knocking claimers. There are some good wide open fields and that should lead to some good betting odds in a card worth taking a shot at. Top three picks with pick fours to follow:

Race 1:  1-6-4
Race 2:  5-6-2
Race 3:  7-2-4
Race 4:  1-4-7
Race 5:  4-1-3
Race 6:  6-2-4
Race 7:  5-3-1
Race 8:  2-4-6
Race 9:  6-4-1

My Plays:

$1 Early Pick Four (Races 1-4)($24):  1 / 5,6 / 2,4,7 /  1,4,7,8

$1 Late Pick Four (Races  6-9)($12):  6 / 5 / 2,4,6 / 1,2,4,6

Good Luck!
I watch horses run around.

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